A tray serves not only the original use of carrying plates but also has an important role of bringing out the best of Japanese dishes. You may choose your favorite tray that best matches with the design and color of the Japanese ware. These are exquisite trays which combine safety, functionality and design.

This product is produced by the old-established Echizen lacquerware manufacturer who inherited the manufacturing method and process of Echizen lacquerware that has over 1500 years of history. It gained recognition from professionals in old-established Japanese inns and famous Japanese restaurants who care for quality. Good for business-use, souvenirs for overseas, gift for various occasions and personal use. Its quality is assured as the manufacturer obtained ISO9001, an international standard for quality/safety of products and services.

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Tray | Echizen lacquerware

  • Is said that the origin of Echizen lacquer ware dating back about 1,500 years ago.
    At the end of the Kofun period in the 6th century. Yet the 26 times of Emperor when Prince
    Repair of the broken Crown to the lacquerer of the Katayama settlement (current Fukui Prefecture sabae Katayama town)
    Commanded. Mikata-Cho lacquerer comb lacquers were excavated to repair the Crown in lacquer with
    So far presented a bowl of Black Prince masterly workmanship impressed by, and
    In the Katayama settlement was encouraged for the lacquerware-making.
    This is reportedly beginning today Echizen lacquerware.