• Blade Steel Type: Cobalt Alloy Stainless Steel
  • Brand NEW
  • Made in JAPAN

    Masamoto Cobalt Steel Yanagiba | Sashimi

    SKU: MT31040-02
    • Over 150 years, Masamoto knives have been used as the Highest-Integrity Professional Chef Knife Brand in Japan. Their technique achieves No.1 Sushi Chef Knife Manufacturer name in Japan and also in the entire world. If you are a professional Sushi Chef, you must have heard the name of MASAMOTO at least once.
      We highly recommend Masamoto Knives for your best cooking as well as GIFT for Anniversary, because it represents "The Preimier Grand Gru" silently.

    • Cautions                                                          

      • Never wash in the dishwasher.                     
      • Improper care will result in rusting and chipping.                
      • Wipe knives dry after use to prevent rusting. Vegetable oil is recommended for wiping carbon knives to keep moisture off.              
      • Do not attempt to cut through bones with traditional Japanese knives, unless it is a butchering knife.                
      • Use only sharpening stones for traditional Japanese knives (Shapstone recommended).
      • Many of Japanese knives have thinner and more delicate blades than European knives. Use of honing steels or sharpening machines will result in chipping.