• Stone construction - 1500 grains per sq. cm.
  • Cleaning - NOT RECOMMENDED for Dishwasher. Hand wash with toothbrush - mild detergent.
  • Maintenance - Occasional light sanding with fine sandpaper to achieve a flat surface.
  • Recommended for - Any metal blade
  • Storage & use - Dry and store in a waterproof box. Use near the sink with a good water supply.
  • Unit size - L 210mm X W 70mm X H 15mm
  • Country of Origin - Japan

SPECIAL NOTES: This stone CANNOT be used on ANY Ceramic knives.

1500 Grit | Shapstone Whetstone -Medium

SKU: MT56083-05
  • For rough sharpening - to grind off chips in the edge or for when the blade is unusually dull -- stones from 120 to 400 grain are called for. We recommend stones
    with a grain between 120 and 240 in this case. There is no Japanese measurement standard. With all the stones labelled as having a finer grit, one simply has to take
    the manufacturer’s word for it. For those who have reasonable experience with sharpening, we recommend a finish stone of 8000 grit. If one is not certain, or for
    beginners, stones with a grit between 3000 and 6000 will produce acceptable results.
    So, in principle one needs at least three stones if one has to do significant amounts of sharpening. One to grind, one to sharpen and one to hone.

  • Great ceramic whetstones from Shapton for kitchen knives, chisels, planes etc. The Professional range has long been admired for its efficient cutting, and is a firm favorite amoung woodworkers. Somewhere around #1000 and #2000 is the perfect grade for regular kitchen knife sharpening - in fact, a well known chef's school in Tokyo gives one of these to each student as a leaving present. Plastic case doubles as a holding base, but you can just use a towel.

    Splash with water before use, store dry. Don't drop.